Medical Microinstruments (MMI) SpA, a robotics company dedicated to improving clinical outcomes for patients undergoing microsurgery, announced today the hiring of Mark Toland

Calci,Italy - January 12, 2021

Medical Microinstruments (MMI) SpA, a robotics company dedicated to improving clinical outcomes for patients undergoing microsurgery, announced today the hiring of Mark Toland as Chief Executive Officer. He brings more than 25 years of experience in the medical device industry and most recently served as President and CEO of Corindus, a vascular robotics company that Siemens Healthineers acquired for $1.1 billion in 2019. Following the CE mark of MMI's Symani Surgical System® in 2019 and successfully completing the first human use cases in 2020, Toland will drive the company's strategic direction from the developmental stage to broad commercialization.

"There is a tremendous need across healthcare to evolve treatment paradigms from a predominantly manual model to one that leverages robotic technology, data integration and AI to improve patient outcomes," said Toland. "The Symani Surgical System offers an unprecedented level of precision for microsurgical procedures that has the potential to significantly impact patient outcomes in very complex procedures. I look forward to helping the company realize that potential and working with a very talented and growing team at MMI."

The Symani Surgical System was used to successfully complete four first-in-human surgical procedures in Florence, Italy. The cases included one post-oncological reconstruction of the pharynx and three complex, post-traumatic lower limb reconstructions, demonstrating the combined benefits of tremor reduction and motion scaling (7-20x) with the system's NanoWrist® instruments, the world's smallest wristed surgical instrumentation. The system offers seven degrees of freedom and dexterity beyond the reach of human hands to enhance free-flap reconstructions, replantations, congenital malformations, peripheral nerve repairs and lymphatic surgery, which represent over one million combined procedures annually in the U.S. and Europe.

"Mark's extensive experience in the medical device industry and particularly in the field of robotics will play a pivotal role in MMI's continued growth and impact on microsurgery," said Andrew Cleeland, the chairman of MMI's Board of Directors. "We look forward to empowering surgeons around the world with the most advanced technology that will make highly complex procedures more reproducible and new procedures possible."

Toland joined Corindus in 2016 and transformed the company into the industry leader in vascular robotics with the only approved system for coronary, peripheral and neurovascular indications. Under Toland's leadership, the company built advanced capabilities in automation and telerobotics, which included the first ever remotely performed heart procedure in the world and transcontinental pre-clinical studies using 5G technology. The Siemens Healthineers acquisition of Corindus for $1.1 billion was the fifth largest medical technology acquisition of 2019. Prior to Corindus, Mark served as Senior Vice President of Boston Scientific, where he built the company's global solutions business and led all aspects of the U.S. commercial team's cardiovascular businesses, which represented approximately $4 billion in revenue.

About MMI

Medical Microinstruments S.p.A. (MMI) was founded in 2015 near Pisa, Italy to enhance surgical performance through the development of a robotic system that enables surgeons to achieve better outcomes in microsurgery. The Symani Surgical System combines proprietary innovations including the world's smallest wristed microinstruments as well as tremor-reducing and motion-scaling technologies. Together, these powerful capabilities allow more surgeons to successfully perform microsurgery while expanding the field of supermicrosurgery.