BetaGlue Technologies: closing of a EUR 10 million financing round

Milan - Italy, July 19, 2022


• Fin Posillipo (Petrone Group), Kairos Partners SGR, LIFTT, Neva Sgr (Intesa Sanpaolo
Group), Profequycapital and Romed joined the share capital. Innogest Capital and Panakès
Partners reinvest
• The financing will give BetaGlue Technologies the ability to further develop its advanced
radiotherapy platform, BAT-90, and accelerate access to the Safe-Biopsy Device market,
thus opening a new chapter in the fight against cancer

Milan, July 19, 2022 - BetaGlue Technologies, a highly innovative company working in the Life Sciences
sector, today announced the closing of a EUR 10 million equity financing round. Fin Posillipo
(Petrone Group), Kairos Partners SGR, LIFTT (Venture Capital led by Stefano Buono, founder of AAA),
Neva Sgr (Intesa Sanpaolo Group), Profequycapital and Romed will be joining the company’s capital,
with a reinvestment from existing investors Innogest Capital and Panakès Partners.

The investment will finance BetaGlue Technologies’ future operations aimed at reaching a number
of milestones in Europe and the US both for the development and approval of BAT-90, the company’s
advanced radiotherapy platform. Key priorities in this development will be the completion of the
clinical trials that are already underway in liver and breast cancer and their regulatory approval, as
well as the completion of the industrial scale-up in Europe and the US of the safe-biopsy device, which
has already been clinically tested in lung and liver biopsy.


BetaGlue has developed and patented BAT-90 (“Beta Ablation Therapy with Yttrium-90”), consisting
of a β radiation-emitting biocompatible matrix, delivered to patients via percutaneous injection
or during surgery: the Yttrium-90-labelled microspheres present inside the matrix are injected into
the tumour and, as the carrier need few seconds to reach full polymerisation, they are retained
exclusively in the injected area. This prevents the microspheres from spreading to surrounding
tissues or organs, so as to release their radiation energy only to the target tumour.
BAT-90 was developed at the Istituto Nazionale Tumori ‘Fondazione Pascale’ in Naples, Italy,
whereby the arterial infusion of 90Y-coated microspheres is performed into liver tumours (the so-called
TARE) has been extended beyond this indication and route of delivery. This was achieved through the
use of a fast-curing, biocompatible glue that effectively captures the radioactive microspheres, allowing
them to be injected directly and safely into various target tissues. The latter can be either surgically
unresectable tumours or metastases, which are thus irradiated in-loco, or surgical resection margins,
which may still have residual cancer cells (the main cause of local recurrence), and which can be cleared
with BAT-90.


BAT-90 is a therapeutic nuclear medicine solution that is extremely precise (it only targets the tumour
area), personalised (calibrated to the patient’s clinical situation), rapid (a single injection reaching full
polymerisation in just a few minutes) and safe (the radiation energy is released where needed, avoiding
exposure of surrounding tissues and organs, thus minimizing any risk to either patients or healthcare
professionals). It opens up important horizons in oncology, benefitting both patients and the whole
healthcare system.

Safe-Biopsy Device
BetaGlue Technologies has further developed a proprietary technology: a patent-pending medical
device that, by using the sole biocompatible matrix used in BAT-90, allows safe biopsies in oncology,
preventing even severe complications after lung or liver procedures. It was tested in a multicentre
clinical trial in Italy involving 40 patients undergoing diagnostic lung biopsy, where it showed a
significant reduction of the incidence of procedural complications, such as haemorrhages or
pneumothorax, while also supporting a significant reduction in the healthcare costs associated with
their occurrence.

Riccardo Palmisano, Executive Chairman and Antonino Amato, CEO/CMO of BetaGlue
Technologies, commented: “We warmly welcome our new qualified partners, who are enabling us to
accelerate BetaGlue’s development plans. Together, we will be able to strengthen the cornerstones of value
creation for the Company, such as clinical development and industrial scale-up of our innovative products.
This way, we are confident we will be able to deliver the precision medicine concept in radiotherapy for the
benefit of patients and healthcare professionals, while strengthening the value for investors who have
placed their trust in us and our technology.”

Roberto Zanco, Head of Alternative Illiquid Investments and Key Partner of the Kairos Ventures
ESG One fund, said: "We are proud to take part to the development of a company that represents the
potential and excellence of the Italian entrepreneurial asset in the medical and scientific fields. We want to
continue to support companies that, like BetaGlue, are committed to solving complex issues to improve
patients' lives on a large scale. We strongly believe in the quality and solidity of the company's leadership
team, we congratulate BetaGlue on reaching this important milestone”.

Giovanni Tesoriere, CEO of LIFTT, expressed his satisfaction with the investment: “For LIFTT, this deal
is a huge opportunity: BetaGlue brings together some of the world’s excellence in the cancer-fighting field,
and their insight to combine existing technologies in an innovative way is simply outstanding, especially
with regard to the seriousness of the diseases that are their target market and their related potential.”

Mario Costantini, CEO of Neva SGR, declared: “We believe that the life sciences hold great development
potential for our country owing to the talent of exceptional researchers and a sector supply chain that
contributes significantly to the Italian economy. Our investment in BetaGlue is aimed at rewarding an
Italian excellence in a high economic and social impact area which will not only improve people’s quality
of life but will also provide important returns for our underwriters.”