DISCO Pharmaceuticals
DISCO Pharmaceuticals


DISCO Pharma employs a disruptive scalable technology to map the surfaceome of cancer cells and
develop first-in-class cancer drugs. With the advent of new cell-surface, target-directed therapeutic
modalities (including ADCs and bi-specific antibodies), it is critical to ramp up the discovery of
meaningful targets. DISCO does so by comprehensively identifying druggable targets, as well as protein
communities (i.e., different proteins that form nanoscale organizations on a cell), across the entire
cancer cell surface at scale, thus uncovering crucial new information that neither genome nor
transcriptome sequencing can provide. By knowing which proteins are truly present on the cell surface,
and how they are associated within protein communities, DISCO can design highly specific binders,
boosting expected efficacy and reducing side effects.
DISCO has a highly experienced team with a strong track record in cancer drug discovery and
entrepreneurial value creation, as well as a deep understanding of surface proteomics born out of ETH
in Zurich and developed further within the Company. DISCO is backed by world leading life sciences
investors including Sofinnova Partners, Panakes Partners, M Ventures and AbbVie Ventures.

Roman Thomas

Roman Thomas
CEO, Founder

Panakès board member
Rob Woodman

Rob Woodman